The Cars

Learn more about the real stars of TirsbaekTV - The Land Rovers!

Land Rover Defender 90 Td5 (1999)

Liam’s Storm Tuning Stage 2 remapped Td5 has a long list of mods, and over 300,000km’s on the clock.

Land Rover 90 V8 (1988)

Nisse’s 90 features a 3.5 litre Rover V8 under the bonnet and many modifications. Today it’s a far cry from its original pickup configuration.

Range Rover V8 Bobtail "Project Bob"

A late 70’s Range Rover ‘Bobtail’ that we picked up for next to nothing in November 2015. It soon gained the name “Project Bob” (due to it being a Bobtail conversion) and features the same 3.5 litre V8 as Nisse’s LR90, but with a supercharger and only 35,000km’s on the clock.

Land Rover Series III "The Creeper" (1977)

A ’77 Series 3, nicknamed “The Creeper” due to our plans to turn it into a combination of a cruiser and a sleeper. Currently it has the standard 2.25 litre petrol engine under the bonnet, but that is soon to be swapped for an RB25 from a Nissan Skyline. The car was purchased on the other side of the country from where we live, yet the original owner in 1977 lived 3km away from us!

Land Rover 101 Forward Control (1975)

A 1975 Land Rover 101, originally bought by Nisse’s father for spares for his ‘other’ 101. That is, until we dug it out of the barn and got it running again after it had been dormant for over a decade!

Land Rover Discovery 2 "The Tie Fighter" (2000)

Nisse’s new daily, nicknamed “The Tie Fighter” thanks to its colour scheme, is the first Discovery 2 to feature on the channel. It arrived with a broken gearbox that was promptly swapped out for a re-worked Ashcroft box, as well as an EXTREMEspec clutch kit from LOF Clutches. Currently running a Stage 2 remap from Storm Tuning, with rumours of Stage 3 coming in the future…

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