The Guys

Where it all started.

TirsbaekTV is an automotive YouTube channel started by friends and petrolheads, Liam and Nisse. We began filming videos and posting them to YouTube in 2011, after purchasing a first generation GoPro camera. Ever since then we’ve continued to refine our content, and amassed a fanbase in the thousands that is growing every day. 

The TirsbaekTV YouTube channel focuses on our passion for all things cars… Or rather, pretty much anything with an engine and wheels! But due to our family farm’s (Tirsbaek) long time association with Land Rover, we tend to spend most of our time focusing on that brand. However, we’re still equally as passionate and fascinated by the rest of the car world!


Brought up in the UK, now living in Denmark. Forever obsessed with cars.

Daily Driver: 1999 Land Rover Defender Td5 90

Dream Car: Range Rover Sport SVR


Fiddling with anything mechanical from day one. Buying the next project on day two.

Daily Driver: 1988 Land Rover 90 V8

Dream Car: Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE

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